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Netsa Art Village – Tesfahun


Tesfahun Kibru’s exhibition officially opened on Friday March 20, 2018. The exhibition that is being held at Yucca House located in Bole Rwanda was attended by artists, art enthusiasts and diplomatic community. He is well known for creating something amazing out of everyday things that people tend to consider trash such as metal scraps and discarded plastic. His work, unusual, in many people’s eyes, has left its own identity in the local art scene.“

Tesfahun is one of the most unassuming yet obvious; ingenious yet humble; prolific and passionate artists in Ethiopia. His work is more than up-cycling, re-engineering and re-invention and much more akin to the notion of Afro or Ethio-Futurism; in that he is focused on the Future of Ethiopia and fields questions on humanity’s position in relation to the then and now, nature and the environment and the ebb and flow of identity. His work is the definitive convergence of art, industry and innovation through human relations and channeling of natural and super natural forces to create expressions of everyday people,” stated Dr. Desta Meghoo, from who curated the exhibition.

The exhibition featured different types of metal sculptures, paintings that used rust as paint and works of art that incorporates tire and rubber. “Paintings such as Identity Symbol and Symbol of Rust connect the dots of the past to present through a distinct dialect of symbols. His invention of rubber art creates a new medium that offers the rare application of fine art. The Improvisation Series is filled with fresh, free amorphous and cultural expression that will prove to be timeless,” Meghoo said.



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